Dale Jukes
Head Minister

Our spiritual leadership is here to serve you on your journey of awakening. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to serving you.

Reverend Dale Jukes has had thirteen years at the helm of the Okanagan Centre For Spiritual Living. This is simply the latest iteration of a spiritual journey that began a half century ago under the tutelage of his parents. A journey that has embraced most ancient and traditional paths , and for the past twenty two years, has returned to New Thought and specifically The Science Of Mind. Dale is very happy with his present Spiritual preoccupation and fully expects to be walking this walk for the duration of his dance with the Divine. If you would care to join him come to the Centre any Sunday and take the time to visit him at www.lightmail.org for a little daily inspiration.

Reverend Dale Jukes is available for all practitioner services.

Phone: 250-307-3388

Sheila Tegart
Staff Minister

"This teaching so helped me feel at home, so loved, that I moved to Kelowna in 1997 to take more SOM courses.  Watching and knowing my life was changing for the better in all ways, how could I resist my own personal growth." 

Sheila was called to become a Spiritual Practitioner. She then committed to  Ministerial Studies, and was blessed with a license as a staff minister at the Kelowna Centre. Sheila had a calling to come back to the Vernon Centre 6 years ago. She is now a Spiritual leader and Practitioner. She also teaches the Practitioner classes and loves it. 

Reverend Sheila Tegart is available for all practitioner services. 

Phone: (250) 808-7756